A Portal to Capture the History of a Worthwhile Church Adventure and Some Other Transitory Endeavors. Found in this portal are matters of both timeless value as well as some domestic items of short-term, ephemeral value. Includes intermittent stops along the ride beginning in July 2004, with the formal launch of Grace Community Church (actually incorporated in 2001 while still a Bible Study) in Waunakee. The final messages of the last stage of the church's existence, including audio tracks of messages leading up to the concluding audio capture on April 17, 2016. And the, to address transitory needs to demo household items that our family chooses to put up for sale, from time to time, are pages with photos, descriptions and the occasional video demo as needed or requested. Really? Indeed. Stay tuned.

  • "Early Grace, Early Worship”
    Beginnings of Public Worship. First service with Josh as pastor held July 2004, this Web archive shows the Grace Community Church website in November 2004.
    Wayback Machine: November 2004 - Website as Archived
  • “The Beamer Era [circa 2016]”
    After Josh left for a church calling in Ohio, our senior elder stepped in and stepped up to faithfully chart the new waters until the time came to close the doors to Waunakee's era of Grace.
    First posted: April 19, 2023, ---
  • “From the Final Year per The Archive.”
    A Wayback Machine-archived view of the Grace Website during its final season, upon moving from the elementary school cafeteria to the high school auditorium.
    Published: Early 2016, Jan. 2016

Photo Gallery

Soundman Patrick Tara Laura Ashley